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    5 Best Practices for Scheduling HVAC Service During Peak Demand

    -  Creating a Residential HVAC Sales Plan (for each Salesperson)

    -  My First Install was a 4X Failure!

    -  Tips: How to Avoid Callbacks

    -  Total Cost of Owning & Operating HVAC Systems

    -  5 Toughest Things about Running an HVAC Business

    -  Plot Twist: Why 2020 was the Best Year Ever for Your Business

    -  4 Core Values That Shape What I Do

    -  What the Best Companies do with Utility Rebates

    -  Ever Do a Manual J & Doubt the Results?

    -  The Way We Think About HVAC Training is Broken

    -  5 Ways the Right Distributor Can Mean Success

    - Where do I Find More Installers & Techs?

    - 5 Ways to Know I'm Ready to Grow My Business

    - Size & Quote Your Solutions on the First Call, Every Time

    - 4 Ways to Stop Self Sabotage

    - The Impact of Ductwork on Load Calcs

    - Formicary Corrosion, an Old Refrigerant Leak Foe

    - How Does Ventilation Air Affect the Home Loads?

    - Manual D: Pivotal Upflow Plenums

    - The Single Biggest Reason Res. HVAC Businesses Fail

    - Do You Need More People, or Just Be More Productive?

    - Should You Specialize in a Single Brand?

    - Sizing Return Filter Grilles

    Live /Recorded Webinars! 1 Year Early!

    Rules of Flexible Duct Design (& PDF Resource)

    Overview of ACCA Manual B (Air Testing & Balancing)

    ACCA Manual H: Heat Pump Balance Points

    Verifying Residential Load Calculations

    ACCA Manual T: Air Distribution Concepts & Terms

    ACCA Std 5: HVAC Quality Installations

    ACCA Std 12: Home Evaluation & Perf. Improvement

    ACCA Manual Zr: Making Zoning Decisions

    Causes of Temperature & Comfort Problems

    Standard for Grading the Install. of HVAC Systems

    Verifying Refrigerant Charge

    Heat Pumps: 5 Residential Codes You Need to Know

    - Manual ZR: Zoning System Diagnostics

    - Manual J - Seeing is Believing

    - Psychrometrics & Effects on Airflow

    - ACCA Manual RS: HVAC By Design

    - Whole Home Ventilation Overview

    - Good Practices for Duct System Design

    - Manual J: What Not to Do!

    - What You Need to Know About Air Filters

    - Hydronic System Survey

    - Electric Panel Survey

    - Quality Installation: Measuring Airflow

    - Load Calculations for Zoned Systems


    -  Rules of Duct Design (& PDF Resource)

    -  Chris' Maintenance Contract Templates

    -  Simple Guide to Low Static AHU Duct Design

    -  How to Pass Load Calc Requirements for Permit (PDF)

    Residential System Design Syllabus

    • Manual J Overview 
    • Site Survey Form
    • Location & Design Conditions
    • Floor Plan
    • Framing & Wall Insulation
    • Floor, Ceiling & Attic Insulation
    • Internal Gains
    • Duct Location & Condition
    • Fenestration
    • Software & Reports
    • Manual S Overview
    • Fossil Fuel Furnaces
    • Water Boilers
    • A/C
    • Heat Pumps
    • Dual Fuel
    • Humidifiers & Ancillary Dehumidification
    • Manual D Overview
    • Understanding Available Static Pressure
    • Understanding Total Equivalent Length
    • Intro to Friction Loss Worksheet
    • Using a Duct Calculator
    • Intro to Duct Sizing
    • Verifying Velocity
    • Sizing Trunk Duct
    • Rules of Duct Design
    • Low Static Air Handlers