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    HVAC &
    a Growth Mindset

         I was fortunate enough to meet my eight year old daughter’s third grade Teacher a few years back. In their classroom, hanging prominently between the only two windows of the room, was a wall dedicated to teaching a 'Growth Mindset'. Immediately, I thought: I am glad my daughter is learning this at such an early age - and contemplated why it wasn’t until my thirties that this was taught to me? I was fortunate enough to attend a ‘Sales Class’ a few years ago, taught by Best Selling Author, and Industry Sales Trainer, Weldon Long. Wally preaches the 'Growth Mindset’, and I immediately thought he would appreciate this quick experience. Wally's reply: ‘Great Teachers teach great things’.

         The lesson involves how we approach adverse situations. For example, when a student may think ‘This is too hard!’, the growth mindset should respond with ‘This may take time and effort’. Another great example is when a student makes a mistake, the growth mindset response is that it is ok, and ‘Mistakes help me learn’.

    How can we apply the Growth Mindset to our industry? Well, the opposing ‘Scarcity Mindset’ runs rampant in the trades, particularly within HVAC. Below are a few examples I have heard over the last few years, and some more frequently:

    1. I don’t have/get enough leads.
    2. I cannot find any qualified Installers/Technicians.
    3. I don’t have enough time in the day.
    4. I wish I could do more of the “job type here” as I make the most money on these.

    Now, lets take a look how a growth mindset would respond to these opportunities:

    1. How can I create more qualified leads for my Sales Team?
    2. If I cannot hire an experienced Installer/Technician, how can I find the right person to train?
    3. What processes could I put in place to gain more time on the tasks I enjoy doing?
    4. What training could I provide my team to identify opportunities for the most profitable jobs?

    The key for your success is not necessarily the ‘next step’. Trust me, it is taking the first step! Start by systematically removing the scarcity mindset, and being conscious of how it creeps into your everyday activities. This can be tough, and can result in changes in other aspects of your life too. Remember the old saying ‘Misery Loves Company’? I too sometimes fall into this trap, and need to remind myself of the right response/mindset. If there is one thing I learned from Wally Long (trust me, there are many others), and Charlotte’s third grade teacher, it is that a Growth Mindset leads to success and happiness! Thank you for the great teachers out there teaching great things!