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    ATTN: New HVAC Owners and Salesman Looking to Grow

    Have you ever failed a building permit because you didn't complete a Manual J or Manual S??

    Did you find that even though you found a service to do this for you, it takes too long and still isn't as accurate as needed?

    Have you experienced that even though you paid a lot of money for the load calculation and equipment selection reports, some of your instructions were not followed and it took a lot of back and forth emails wasting time??

    And are you still looking for someone else to design your systems, or asking your distributors for help? and getting disappointing results?

    Unfortunately, I know your problem all too well.

    Don’t learn the hard way: decades of mistakes, wrong advice from uninformed competitors, or reading design manuals in your off time!

    Where does that leave you?

    Who Am I & How Do I Know All This?

    Hi! I'm Chris Morin, I see your problem every day, and I was once in your shoes.

    Since 2012, while working as a Tech Instructor for a Utility Rebate Program Implementer, I realized I had a lot more to share about my experience in the HVAC Industry than just what my classes were providing an outlet for. My role in the industry changed, and I continue to meet with more Salespeople and Business Owners, expanding my content to include System Design and Business topics.

    Over the years, I've experienced all the same frustrations you have when it comes to permits and HVAC System Design, and helped Contractors navigate this process with confidence.

    The good news is that today, there's a better option!

    I am willing to coach You and your team virtually, every week, three times a month to learn system design and develop a process that works for you!

    My Professional & HVAC System Design Coaching Is a Bargain

    Rather than ask whether you can afford it, the question much money are you losing every day relying on others?

    Consider the cost of NOT acting today.

    Now that I've said that, I'm ready to reveal the price...

    I'm making it available for just an introductory rate of $475/month!

    This is limited to just the first (5) companies to enroll while I build this part of my business until the end of 2023.