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    5 Resources
    I Read/Listen To
    Every Week
    2021 Edition

    Successful people in our industry have an undying thirst for knowledge, and my curiosity and quest to always be an industry expert leads me to resources that can be considered outside of HVAC. Of course, I stay current with all things HVAC - but so does everyone else with ambition in our industry!

    So how can you stay a step ahead of most? Learn what you can from others and apply them as fast as possible!

    Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast - I find the tips offered by Amy Porterfield extremely helpful, and typically can be immediately implemented into my process.  Although many of the tactics and methods are typical for online content creators, I find myself seeing if they can apply to service based businesses and find many parallels.  The idea of batching work, particularly when it comes to online marketing and social media posts was a great idea that has made my life much easier in 2021.

    The John Maxwell Leadership Podcast -  Although I have read a few of John Maxwell's books, I think the format of this podcast is better for digesting and implementation of John's ideas.  Typically, the first third of the show is John preaching/teaching in one of his many decades of recordings - than his staff goes further and discuss how it may apply into today's business climate.  I find myself wanting to listen to more of these, hoping they would release them earlier or more often than weekly!  If you are new to this one, checkout the two-part series in September 2021 titled: 'Self-Sabotage'.  I think this was the best of the year and very timely with most people goal setting for 2022 this month...

    Think Media YouTube Channel -  If you are a bit of a tech-geek like me, and I am not just talking about the latest HVAC tools/meters/gear, you should check out this Youtube Channel when it comes to all things video.  I have found more than just influencers posting video content on site like Youtube in 2021, and more service based companies using this medium as a way to display subject mastery.  Think about the generation(s) of people that prefer to watch a video instead of reading, like an installation manual for example.  You could easily create videos to help customers in all aspects of their HVAC equipment operation and maintenance.  When they need more than just basic support, who will they think of first?  Think Media is a great free resource on all of the tech you will need to make this type of content happen, professionally.

    Libby (App); Library ebooks & audiobooks - Did you know you can access thousands of books for free at this place called a Library?!  Been around for over a 160 years since the first one opened in Peterborough, NH for the U.S.  I know, this shouldn't be news, but there is no excuse not to read.  Did you know that your library card is valid for digital books and audiobooks?!  I have a lot of windshield time during the week (typically), so I can burn through a couple audiobooks when I am waiting for my favorite podcasts to post.  That would be too expensive for me to justify, but not if they were free!  

    EntreLeadership Podcast -  Yes, I know - another podcast.  A Ramsey Network spot, EntreLeadership podcast's host George Kamel is able to pull in some great interviews from the best known successful Entrepreneurs in the country.  The insight they give on their initial failures, recipes for success, and motivation is worth every second of tuning in.  Whether you are thinking of starting a business, or a seasoned CEO, this one will never disappoint!

    Please, if you have a resource that you make a habit to read or listen to, would you share with the HVAC Pro Blog Community?  I wouldn't mind hearing about some HVAC specific spots - but other life focused areas would be better...which is your favorite?

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