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    5 Resources I Read/Listen To Every Week

    Successful people in our industry have an undying thirst for knowledge, and my curiosity and quest to always be an industry expert leads me to resources that can be considered outside of HVAC. Of course, I stay current with all things HVAC - but so does everyone else with ambition in our industry! So how can you stay a step ahead of most? Learn what you can from others and apply them as fast as possible!

    Advanced Selling Podcast - The nation’s longest running sales podcast. This means there is literally hundreds of hours of archived material, spanning over years. This is one of my favorites to listen to while traveling as I automajically download new episodes to my iPhone. The most helpful podcasts are the ones that answer listener questions, typically from around the world, and remind me that I am not the only one experiencing such struggles or success. When in a hurry, I recommend fast forwarding to about the five minute mark, or at least turning up the speed to double-time, as all of their advertising plugs are in the beginning.

    Selling Energy - Sales Ninja Blog
    Recommended by a colleague, this blog always has some great tips for selling using savings and, although not HVAC specific, just about every word can be directly impacting the HVAC sales process. Since they post blogs almost every day, I avoid the rush of emails by opting for the weekly update and picking which blogs to read over the weekend. - Michael Port
    I found this one by reading Michael Port’s latest book “Steal the Show”. Michael does some great consulting for public speakers and relates most of his advice to his previous career as an actor. The website frequently posts public speaking videos from recent consulting or seminars and contains great advice for preparation and cues both on stage and in every day life. I found many of the prep techniques in his book can easily be implemented for in-home sales. - Personal Story
    To be honest, I have no idea where I came across Bo’s blog and training, but very glad I have! Bo Eason was a popular NFL defensive back a couple decades ago, and has an inspiring personal story to tell. Something that has plagued me in my work, I have avoided talking about what has shaped me. Largely in small steps, motivated by Bo, I have learned that telling my story could have a memorable impact in my business relationships and career. I have loosened up a bit when it comes to sharing my military experience, but I still have a long way to go before I can be concise and memorable!
    My most recent find has been instrumental in recreating my blog and passion to share. In fact, the inspiration for this particular blog came from this website. If you incorporate blogs on your website, and are looking for new ideas for content or analytics, check out ProBlogger!

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